Monday, February 13, 2012

today and a couple yesterdays

bonz made some valentines...

read "the surfing book" adorned with new band-aids...

was pretty much the cutest thing ever...

and thoroughly enjoyed his new bubble leaf blower. seriously, best $18 i ever spent. as you can see, there was some serious work to be done out back today.

and in previous days:
here's the bonz in his morning cozy spot.
he reads, listens to music, gets comfy and is generally adorable while i get ready for the day.

horsin' around with my favorite fella:

we spent some time at the beach. in winter. again. oh, it's good for the soul.

this guy lives to wear his trunks:

a week or so into the new year, my mom and i headed down south for a little shopping and lunching with bonzo. we stumbled into baby gap at some point along the way and she treated "ours new baby" – as the baby is now referred to – to a few cute morsels. i tucked them into my dresser and everyday i get a little giddy when i open the drawer and see them. bonzo's enjoyed toting them around and holding them in his arms like they're ours baby – complete with "ohhhhhhhhhhh, baby."

today he asked to be told all about the things newborn babies do – as he likes to talk about pretty often lately. so we talked about how they sleep a bunch, cry and have lots of nursies. he informed me that when the baby cries he'll be the one to give the baby nursies. and then i can give the baby nursies. "i'll have this one and ours baby can have that one."

he's got it all worked out, that bonz.


  1. Super cute. Love the pics...and those purchases are simply adorable. The giraffes...and the's all too much! :)

  2. SO SO sweet that one :-) I tried finger painting with my 6 month old Lulu over the weekend. Big failure. Ha! She was totally not into it. Maybe next year...
    Hannah at

  3. I have to see the final product of the valentine's day cards....

  4. Ahhh, so so so cute. All of it. New baby clothes?! Screech!

    I need to get on it with a leaf blower! omg, Jacky would go nuts! As you can imagine :) xoxo

  5. Wow that bubble blower looks like the coolest thing ever! Where did you get it?