Friday, March 2, 2012

an evening with bonzo

oh, you know... just the typical goings-on at the dinner table:

bonz needed to wear the band-band-head for his meal. it just seemed like the right thing to wear and the right time to wear it. we were all in agreement.

i worship the fact that, despite having more (way, way more) than enough language to know it's called a headband and not a band-band-head, he still calls it as such.
i wouldn't dream of correcting him, either. even if i wanted to, i'd let him pick it up from hearing me call it by its actual name rather than point it out to him but i just can't bring myself to. so there are certain words (band-band-head included) that go by what bonz calls 'em around here.

in other cuteness, this was the night's post-dinner, pre-bedtime sight to behold:

bonzo and chooch do jammies, teeth-brushing and a story while i shower. then i step in for nursies and night-nights. our bedtime ritual is one of my favorite parts of the day. it's some juicy stuff.


Ahn said...

that is one very cute kid.

blake said...

what a lovely night-night time. I was recently thinking the same thing about all the cute (courtesy of J) words we all use... should we correct? is there any harm? I think not, he'll get it. I actually get a little sad when the "right" word emerges... "piano" takes the place of "co-panio"... "orange" slides in where "oh-zhun/ocean" used to be. It's fleeting... sigh. xoxo