Friday, March 23, 2012

looking forward

after over two and a half years of rear facing – with very few complaints i might add – bonzo's officially forward facing in the car as of a couple weeks ago and let me tell you, he's pretty sure his ship has sailed!

his seat can stay rear facing until 35 lbs – he's knocking on the door of 30 lbs but we decided the time was right. when the baby is born, they'll have to each be on the outer seats – that's giving me anxiety already. i like bonzo right smack dab in the middle of the back seats... but i digress.

i love being able to reach my arm around and pat his sweet little legs, though. and it's been so much fun talking about all the stuff we see because we're seeing it together in real time. he wants to know the name of every street we pass and he's also the official construction spotter – a job he takes quite seriously. he's on the lookout at all times.

(here's some good rear facing info if anyone's interested.)


Bridget said...

so handsome, bonz!

and parker is insanely tall. i dont think he'll make it to 2 years rear facing, erg!

Bridget said...

alright, i just checked the link. parker is rear-facing FOREVER.

well, no, but i guess the length (his, that is) doesn't matter as much as i think!

small + friendly said...

Jude loves looking out. We recently went on an hour car drive and he talked non-stop pointing out all the trucks and animals along the way. It is so fun!

the grumbles said...

I'm so ready to make the flip. So ready. I haven't pulled the trigger yet, because he's pretty little (height & weight both) but I'M READY for it to be easier to get him in there. Bajesus. He's fine once he's in but lifting him into that little nook without bashing his poor head is getting impossible.

jessica said...

oh their world changes so much doesn't it? with her eczema i needed my hands to get to her more easily, so she made the switch a little earlier than we would have liked - but it's so fun!!