Saturday, March 17, 2012

things and stuff

oh, hi.
yeah. the past couple weeks sure went by in a hurry.
lots done, lots not done. you know how it goes.

for starters, i'm twenty-freaking-seven weeks along as of today. twenty seven.
the punchline, of course, being that i've taken a sum total of one photo of myself to document this pregnancy. dude. at this point in bonzo's pregnancy? let's just say i had a few more. like probably forty more. sigh.

but just when i'm being too hard on myself i remember a few small details:
1. i got up and properly (well, most days) dressed five out of seven days a week.
2. everything was a first.
3. life was just different. real different.

so these days i guess i can't blame myself for not wanting to take a self portrait on a regular basis. but i need to hop to it nonetheless. the book of ours baby will be a pamphlet if i don't.

anyhoo, onto the haps!

any local – present or past – knows a certain number by heart.
it's 564-1111. rusty's pizza. and they know that no pizza gets ordered without three sides of ranch. duh.
and bonz? he's on board alright. would you like some pizza to go with your ranch, bud?

the other morning he noticed a certain similarity between his name and bob's.
close inspection ensued...

... and later:

here he is spooning buns, his floppy bunny that obviously needed socks for our morning walk.

and yeah, this:

we've been buying berries from our local organic farmer like crazy. they're so good it's not even funny.
red, red, red the whole way through and juicy sweet. bonz could eat them all day.

a quick morning ride:

bonz needed to wear mittens for this morning's rainy car ride. the fact that he deems his socks as such makes my heart go pitter patter. it was a cozy trip. you know, all seven minutes of it.

and that's the report!


Bridget said...

bonz! quit it with that big smile in the tiger/post bath pic! i'm gonna squeeze ya!

i just got parker his first baby helmet (a bell one too!). cannot wait for it to get here so i can take long bike rides with him!!

blake said...

gosh, that kid. Ack, so, so huggable! Such a sweetie, with great taste in pizza condiments.

We've been getting some SB strawberries around here lately... I just couldn't wait for local! SB berries are gooood :) The garden glimpses are so pretty! Can't wait for the full reveal! xoxo

jessica said...

so happy to see a new post. needed an update. :) love that rusty's is memorized by others besides our family. the pics of the bonz in this post are of course - beyond. xo

Ahn said...

he is so dang cute.

Jen said...

Just found your blog and LOVE it! My son is a bit younger than yours, but they have so much of the same wardrobe I feel like I am looking at what my 16 month old will be as a 2ish year old. Both Hanna jammies in this group of pics we have right now. Love the pics, the joy and all the feelings.

sara said...

hi jen! not sure if this will get to you but thanks so much for the kind words... glad you found me! xx