Tuesday, March 20, 2012

twenty seven

so this here's the second photo of this pregnancy. and it's from the iphone. again.
goal: use real camera more often. for this and everything else.
(oh that phone camera has made me lay-zee!)

as you can see bonz had some jammied excavating to do – no concern for me and my sad little self portrait.


  1. BELLEH! You look. like. a doll. And I love you. (I think I have a problem. I have belly envy.)

  2. You look wonderful, no reason for feeling sad!

  3. iphone or not, you're looking great.

  4. you look great, mama! i'm just really hoping that little bear's a girl.

    for me, the iphone has taken over and settled in. i need to get to using my camera too (not that it's a good one... so that might be why.)

    happy twenty seven!

  5. hey a photo's a photo! lookin' great mama! :)