Thursday, March 22, 2012

when life gives you oranges

i was telling my mama that i wanted to get a good citrus juicer the other day. i have a little glass one which is great for little bits of juice here and there but i wanted to step up the OJ production around here a bit since fresh orange juice cannot be beat.
into the cupboards she went and out she came with the electric juicer we had when we were kids: the proctor silex "jucit", baby.
i'm so stoked on this thing. it's rad that it's still around and everything about it reminds me of being little. turns out the chooch had the same one growing up, too.

and now so does the bonz.

i had some help hauling our harvest from the tree to the kitchen.

"little oranges bowls!"

bottoms up, bonzo.

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kandice said...

delicious! we have a little mini guy. patience is all it takes... and raw fingers once all is said and done ;)