Monday, April 9, 2012

is it easter still?

first thing sunday morning i whispered, "happy easter, baby" to my sweet bonzo. he lit right up and asked, "is it easter right now? is auntie here?"

he knew easter meant family and fun. 

we were in baja for his first and second easter sundays so this was, by all accounts, bonzo's first easter.

it's always been one of my favorite holidays. we've never been religious so it's always been more of a celebration of spring and the beauty that the new season brings with its blossoms and blooms, blue sky and sunshine. 

so we had family over for an easter egg hunt, lunch, cookies and silliness in the backyard. it was my idea of perfection. and i'm convinced bonzo thought it was one of the best days of his life. 

needless to say, bonzo was ready for an early bedtime sunday after all the festivities. as i was zipping up his little jammies he asked me, "is it easter still, mama?"
i'm pretty sure he wants it to be easter every day now. i'm also pretty sure we'll be recreating the easter egg hunt on a daily basis for the next week or two. it was that fun.

in other news, i'm thirty weeks along and getting rounder by the moment. and, equally as exciting to bonzo, we got him a new stool for his bathroom along with a nifty little contraption that makes washing hands – you know, playing in the sink – even more fun than it already was. reaching by his own self? best thing ever.


blake said...

ah! so, so much good stuff! what a super fun easter. I would re-live it as much as poss! And, your yard! Looking SO great. I have grass envy to start with, but the new plants look seriously fab. And so do you! Round and beautiful! xoxo

kandice said...

happy easter, you four! you're looking pretty great, sara. that is




this post feels like it was the best day so i can't imagine how great it must have been to experience it. bonzo is just too cute!

sara said...


sara said...

thanks thanks friend!
(the 3/4 shot is... um... a little more flattering than the straight-on one, let me tell you!)
and the garden! it was so nice to have a sunny day to enjoy it... grey, grey, go away!

jessica said...

*i* want to play in the backyard, looks gorgeous. :) and love the faucet vessel, for making the water closer to bonz - would have been helpful for e. love the posts! xo

La Maman Heureuse said...

You look absolutely lovely and bonzo as always, what can I say? I love this little man, the joy on his face while egg hunting, just priceless

I'm a fan :-)