Tuesday, May 8, 2012

almost four

it's hard to believe that my sweet little family of three is going to become a sweet little family of four in just a handful of weeks – like six of them.

i found this photo the other day and it made my heart sing. and ache a bit, too. who's that little guy in my arms?!

his pudgy right hand on my hand? that peach-fuzzy little noggin? his jolly little expression? there are no words for the love.


the grumbles said...

6 weeks dude. i can't believe it!

Bridget said...

geez. ache and sweet all at the same time. even though there's no number two in my belly, i can imagine feeling just the same.

blake said...

6 weeks... how the? man. time is flying. I know you're super anxious to meet your newest love. But, it's SO good to pause, reflect. That pic of baby Bonz is so delicious. I can just smell that sweet baby-head smell. Ah, inhale! Wow. xoxo

Stefanie said...

that is the sweetest picture EVER!