Monday, May 14, 2012

the guys

we spent a sunny afternoon at the park the other day.
get a load of these two:

peas on a pod, they are.

these next two photos make my heart burst with pride:

you might be wondering why – so here it is:
bonzo's not the most physically adventurous guy you'll ever meet. his personality is much more look-before-you-leap than it is do-now-think-later when it comes to physical activity. he's a pretty gentle soul, that bonzo.
it wasn't until recently that he had any inclination to go down the slide by himself. he loves a trip to the park as much as the next kid but he just wasn't particularly interested in certain things. sometimes i wanted to show him how to do it – lift him up and slide him down – the slide's easy! and fun! but he already knew what to do with it. he sees other kids do it all the time. he didn't need a lesson, he just wasn't ready for whatever-the-reason. and that was fine with me, despite the occasional temptation to prod him along. i want to respect his readiness, his timeline, his comfort – it's his experience after all. so, at the park and in life in general, i try to always let him set the speed for how he wants to discover and experience things. the slide, his tricycle, the potty, his toys etc.

he'd never climbed up the little a-b-c ramp, either. he'd seen bunches of kids do it bunches of times but just never really tested it out himself.

rewind to a couple weeks ago. on his own volition, he sat down at the top of the slide, scooted his little booty and slide right down. the look on his face was so priceless. he was so proud – and a little surprised with himself, too. he went on to practice his new skill over and over and over. and over. pleased as punch.

then the other day when the three of us were at the park, he'd clearly decided it was time to haul on up the a-b-c ramp. so up he went! followed by practice, practice, practice. and pride, pride, pride – all the way around.

it just feels so good to let him take his time and to know he does the things he does because he feels ready and able – not because i coaxed him or showed him the way however lovingly or innocently.

when in rome, huh chooch?


blake said...

this puts a smile on my face... your approach, chooch and his adorable mini-me, the pride. I love gentle souls who care to watch first and explore when they're good and ready. Probably b/c I'm so 100% one of those :) Of course, you know what this means, right? Baby #2 is going to be a daredevil! Watchout :) xoxo

Tamara said...

I loved this post! Dads and sons ... so sweet. My now 19-month-old son Leo is a total leap first, look later kind of kid. First time we took him sledding (at 16 months old) he refused to go down in my husband's lap, opting instead for going alone, head first, down the biggest slope of the hill. And he loved it. Now I watch him regularly throw himself down playground slides and across equipment meant for kids much larger and more agile than himself. The gentle soul, contemplative boy seems like such a gift to a mother's tender heart (and nerves... my child makes me gasp and jump ALL day long). Love seeing glimpses of your sweet family!
Ps. tried the "kids mix" and it was a big hit. Thanks for the tip!