Tuesday, May 1, 2012

it's all happening at the zoo

choo choo was off last week – hooray!
the three of us traipsed off to one of our very favorite spots, the zoo, to visit some of our very favorite friends, the giraffes. bonzo's fed them before but sometimes he's just plain not up for it. this day, despite initial hesitation, he fed michael, the zoo's newest male giraffe, from the safety and comfort of daddy's arms.

how'd he like it? "it was just a little bit slobbery! but not too bad."


small + friendly said...

Is the crooked necked giraffe still there? If so please tell him hello from me!

janel holiday said...

Michael?! Love it.


blake said...

Awww. Michael may be slobbery, but he sure is cute :) Such fun!!