Monday, May 7, 2012

shaky smoothie

bonz loves a smoothie. but the thing is that lately he doesn't love the sound of the blender. but that doesn't stop us! we've just expanded our smoothie-in-a-jar repertoire.

on the top of the favorite list is what's known around here as the "shaky smoothie".

into the jar goes:
whole milk, organic, plain yogurt – maybe a cup or so?
unsweetened coconut milk – just a splash. a quarter cup usually does the trick. more makes for a thinner smoothie, less makes for a thicker one.
a sprinkle of bonzo's probiotics.
some local bee pollen, ground. if we feel like it.
one scoop of kids superfood mix, or as bonzo calls it "kids-mix!".

he's always the "one who gets to pour the kids-mix". always, always. oh the pleasure he derives from pouring the kids-mix.

then we screw on the lid, give it a hearty shake to mix it all up, pour and enjoy.

yes, there's a bit of sugar (1 gram per 6 gram scoop) in the kids-mix but we overlook it since, overall, it's a nutritious little smoothie that he loves a whole bunch.

when it's just yogurt and coconut milk he usually likes to take a quick taste test.

there goes the mix!

he usually gives it the first shakin' to get it started.

how's it look, bonz?
oh, and another part of the fun: choosing what cup to drink it out of. it's a choice not to be taken lightly.


small + friendly said...

Great idea! Jude loves smoothies but he's afraid of the blender. I told him it was the smoothie robot and as long as I hold him while it's going, he survives :)

Joanna said...

Hi, which probiotic brand/name do you give D? I have been using really good ones (Probio Defense, Theralac Kids, etc.) but they all have to be ordered online or bought from a doctor. I'd like to find one that's just as good, but that I can buy locally. Nothing I have found at Lazy's or WF has compared, so I'd love to know what you've found, since I know you are picky like me :) thanks!

Bridget said...

when parker's doin' smoothies, i'm coming back to reference this -- that mix looks good.

blake said...

SO cute. What a helper :) Jacky doesn't dig the blender sound either... another reason to bust out the headphones! Though we may try the shakey method xoxo