Wednesday, May 30, 2012

updates and things

what's up around here:
well, i'm just shy of 38 weeks along. ours baby seems to have dropped in the last few days so there's that. and it's definitely taken me out of my blissful state of feeling like we have plenty of time and put me squarely in a state of feeling like the pedal needs to go to the metal. loose ends? time to tie 'em up.

and it's hard to believe what a defining moment is upon us: is ours baby a boy or a girl? am i a mama to boys or will i have a daughter?
with bonzo, the playing field was wide open – boy or girl, come what may. i still feel the same way and would be equally as thrilled with a girl as i would with a boy but it's hitting me now that, since this ours baby will be completing our family, that something huge is upon us in so many ways.

i'm thoroughly soaking in as much as i can while things are the way they are now, too. it's not that i'm not looking forward to what's ahead – because i most certainly am – but i feel like i'm kissing bonzo more, hugging him longer and just watching him with even more wonder (if more of any of those things is even possible). it's a weird feeling to wonder when things will change forever and never go back.

anyways, things around here are lookin' a lot like this:

we've nursed through this entire pregnancy with no problems, thankfully. every night after his bath and story we curl up in our spot and bonzo nurses to sleep... then i hold him for a while, just breathing him in and burning the image of his sweet, sleeping face draped over my body into my eyes. it's my favorite part of the day. bonzo's still excited about sharing nursies with ours baby. he's pretty sure he may even nurse the baby himself.

i'm embarrassingly overdue for a good belly shot. it's on the to-do list so one may show up here soon.

ps: sorry about the repeat performance with the photos, instagram pals!


kandice said...

the flying bonzo baby is my all time favorite.

but that last one is the cutest thing i've ever seen so it's giving the other one a good run for it's money.

man, what a looker, right?
he's one of a kind!

blake said...

gaaaah, this is making me tear the heck up. SIGH! Oh, that boy--plus soon 'yours baby'--they are so loved. Now who the heck is there?! Can't wait to find out :) xoxo

sara said...

so sweet... xx