Tuesday, June 26, 2012


bonzo loves having a baby sister. he wants to hold her and love her every chance he gets. but big feelings come with the territory, that's for sure – and there have been some big feelings felt over here. i expected them but that doesn't make them any easier for any of us. there's been a huge change and we're all feeling it.

despite doing our very best to keep bonzo's proverbial cup full, saturday marked the single most challenging parenting day we've experienced in nearly three years. it was a tough one. all the feelings that have been accumulating for days – and probably weeks – came to the surface in the form of total upset from sun-up to bedtime. nothing was working for bonzo. it was exasperating. he was so out of sorts and so miserable. he was just looking for reasons to let it rip and any reason would do. if we said up, he'd want down. black and he'd want white. no and he'd want yes. the entire day was constant conflict and resistance, crying and screaming, frustration and exhaustion. patience were no where to be found – for any of us.

thankfully the feelings were felt, tears were shed and then the tide turned. but i'll tell you – it was a rough day. i'm sure we'll find our way back there – i hardly think we're out of the woods with the feelings – but, for now, we're all happy to have hit the low-point and resurface unscathed.

that's the thing about big feelings. feeling them is super healing. and i know that, while it was miserable to live through, living through it helped us all.

and there's been so much sweetness in spite of it all, it's almost too much to take.


blake said...

oh goodness, those big feelings. big changes. I'm sure that was really a rough day... ooof. (again, thanks for the preview!) But, OMG, the cuteness. Crazy town. Reading your post, the "ohhh, uhhh" noises I was making quickly at first turned to squeals and "awwwwws!" It's a balance huh? xoxo

La Maman Heureuse said...

These two together are the cutest, I just love seeing Bonzo with his baby sister. Just too precious. The way he holds her and looks at his daddy, like: she's mine LOL I'm sorry to hear you guys had a rough day, must be hard for all of you, but you'll get there, I just know.

Biggest hug, write you soon!

Terri said...

Hugs to your whole family for Saturday's big feelings! I can't imagine how rough it might have been, but love that you can see the healing in it. wow! Thanks for sharing those photos. What precious moments.

janel holiday said...

super sweet photos, bff.....xx

Bridget said...

oh mahhh gosh. these pictures. so so so cute. can you believe you're a mom of two, sara?!?

aw bonz. this is a huge adjustment, bud. soon enough, you'll be the best of friends with your sister... a sibling! one of the best gifts your mom or dad could ever give you (that was me talking to the bonz directly).

Colleen said...

Those photos are so precious! I know those hard days. Finn was 2 1/2 when his baby brother was born and on the first morning all at home he was crying "That's MY mommy!" as he woke up--heartbreaking. It is such a hard change....for everyone. You are so compassionate---Bonz will make it through just fine, but I completely understand how hard it is. Hang in there and don't forget to take care of yourself!