Wednesday, June 27, 2012

big brother bonzo

it seems customary that the big brother (or sister) gets a gift – a peace offering of sorts – from the new baby. while i think it's a sweet sentiment indeed, i chose to get bonz something special from me and the chooch instead of it being from baby sister. after all, we've talked bunches about all the things newborns can and can't (mostly can't) do, so trying to pass a gift off as from her seemed a bit... well... confusing, no?

so we told bonzo we got him something special to celebrate him becoming a big brother. we told him how we knew it was a big change and how much we appreciated all his help and what a great brother he was. and then he opened the box. a garbage truck. with an extra set of cans to-boot. high livin'!


kandice said...

i thought this was as fantastic as can be. it might be a little strange but, knowing d's love for garbage trucks and garbage day, i kiiinda wished i could have been there to see him open it :)

blake said...

oh yeeessss. perfect big brother gift xoxo