Sunday, June 3, 2012

it's getting round around here

oh, hi. it's just me, this big ol' belly and the bonz.
13 days and counting. part of me hopes it's sooner than later but then i kick myself because this is such a special and fleeting time – i don't want to wish it away. but i'm obviously giddy with excitement. it's a mixed bag, friends.

i continue to step further into the abyss of waiting-and-wondering if ours baby will be a boy or a girl. so many theories and hunches but, either way, it's all just a guessing game with a 50/50 shot of winning. i'm getting more and more antsy to find out with each passing day.

needless to say, i think little boys rule the earth. so i for sure won't be bummed if we have a boy. but i'll be just as stoked if ours baby is a girl.

and we wait...


  1. Such a round belly! You're adorable :) and that mirror picture where you and baby boy both have your excited faces on is just too cute. So excited for you!

  2. you look fabulous. I'm so excited for yours baby!

  3. Adorable! I just read your post on preparing too, you are such a great mom! Wishing you so much bliss.

  4. you look sooo beautiful, sara! and i love that bonz is busyin' himself washing his hands while you snap away. (btw, i got parker and my nephew quinn that aqueduck hand-washing thing per your recommendation!).

  5. yay! almost there, pretty lady!! so excited for you and JUST CANNOT WAIT to see who your new little love is! lookin' good mama xoxo

  6. Little boys DO in fact rule the earth. I'm with you on that one! If we have two little boys, they will be an amazing pair. If we get a little girl... I will buy her all sorts of adorable clothes. :)

    You know what's funny? I had the same thought about hiring a cleaning service to come and scrub every last corner of our house. Going to schedule them today. Must be a second time nesting thing.

    Part of me so wants to get this show on the road, but the other part knows that these are my last few weeks with just my little guy so I mustn't try to hurry them along. But I'm feeling slightly desperate to not be pregnant anymore. I think my body temperature goes up at least a degree every day.

    Wishing we were as prepared as you guys! 1 week to go for you!!!