Saturday, June 16, 2012

the mister

i kept seeing this pop up all over the internet over the past couple days...
i was reluctant to watch it because, for one, i so rarely watch youtube clips, and for two, my immediate thought was that it was clowning mister rogers – and that just wouldn't fly with me.

but it's dear. and he's dear.

bonzo's never watched any tv or videos but i'm thinking that, when the time's right – and i don't really even know when that'd be – it'd be cool to get some dvds of some of the classics.

cute and cute.


Angie said...

i've seen this video posted a few places lately and i've watched it every time because you nailed it: mister rogers is DEAR. this is one of the few shows that my bob watches (there are free episodes on, and i'll tell you: mister rogers speaks in a way the others don't. bob found the potty episode to be very informative and inspirational, and asked to watch it several times while he learned. i read this recently also - very interesting: Happy waiting to you!

Colleen said...

love it! a student of mine turned me on to the 'Symphony of Science' remixes a couple of years ago. They are all this cool!