Thursday, June 7, 2012

these days

so aside from all the waiting and wondering i can't help but do, i'm thoroughly soaking in this strange time. it's just so weird to think that once things change they'll never go back to how they are now – just me and the bonz. oh, and choo choo, too of course. the change is equal parts exciting and daunting. well, it's more exciting than daunting but i can't help but have some heavy feelings about it all. i love how things are now and that's changing. i'll love what it becomes, i'm more than sure of it. but it's just a lot to take in now that we're so close to the finish line.

so, these days we've been laying low but having tons of fun while we're at it.
this morning started out like this:


and yesterday we spent over four straight hours in the backyard. it went from a picnic and art in the shade to running around naked-baby and filling buckets with the hose to making and eating impromptu apple juice pops. i went to bed thinking that if i went into labor that moment that i'd go forth knowing our "last day" of being just us was spent in the most wonderful way it could have possibly be spent. just me and my guy, hanging out, doing stuff together. no distractions, no schedule.

so the plan is to spend the next week or so until baby comes (or, you know, the rest of my life) doing more of the same – being present, savoring the little things and soaking it all in.

it's a pretty rad reminder, in fact. i don't want to spend this time feeling frazzled or short on patience and then look back and kick myself for not just taking a deep breath and taking it all in. kinda can't help but pause a minute and enjoy the perspective – it's not just about this time. it's about all the time.

(though, to be fair, i consider myself to be someone who lives pretty consciously. but there's always room for improvement!)


Terri said...

What a great day! I can't imagine what the tugging emotions and thoughts would be like with one precious child here and one on the way. It seems like you are doing a GREAT job with the balance :)

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Alfie is totally rad, for sure. I'd be happy to send you my copy of Beyond the Sling. I think you would LOVE it. Mayim is a great writer. If you're interested, you can email me your address to Not that you'll have much time, but maybe you can read a page at a time. Anyway, enjoy this next week (or the rest of your life! ;) xo

The Michelle Show said...

That sounds like the perfect day for all involved! The waiting at the end is the worst part isnt it?