Thursday, July 26, 2012

playing catch-up

things have been looking a lot like this around here lately:


Terri said...

what precious and eternal memories you are capturing. and in the blink of an eye little bonzo was all at once a big boy and yet a baby and ours baby was a tiny baby getting so big. ahhhhhh, life! I hope your family is well :)

Dionna @ Code Name: Mama said...

Beautiful :)

blake said...

what a bunch of loveliness. especially that first one. heck, all of em are beautiful moments to treasure. Jacky's going to love seeing this collection tomorrow.... he was just requesting "more Bonzo pix please" (which means pics of both cute kids) and we were all caught up during this afternoon's snuggle sesh. He's going to love this. You've got some fans up here :) xoxo

Bridget said...

i love em. and yeah, i'm with blake.. that first one. that's how i imagine a life with two littles righ tnow. nursing one, the other is messing around.

bonz in uggs? yum. orange trees? yum. the sandbox? i showed steve like 'can you make this for parker one day?' he said he could. does bonz love it?

Jennifer said...


first-time commenter ... just wanted to tell you congrats on that new uber-cute baby. and to thank you for all your words regarding how you parent the way you parent. i LOVE reading what you write. i have a two- (soon to be three-)year-old son, read alfie kohn's book fairly early on, and resonate with so much of what you say. thanks for being a compass and an encourager on the way. and thanks for all the awesome pics and tales of bonzo -- that kid is the bee's knees.

this may sound odd, but i was thinking of you with gratitude a few days ago as my son decided that going in the toilet (instead of his diaper) was pretty freakin' sweet. i remember a while ago you had some (fairly brief) words about how bonz knew what the toilet was for, and you were leaving it up to him to rock it when he was ready. i had been doing the exact same thing with my son, and trusting my own instinct with it, but i didn't know anyone else who was doing that; my friends were doing either sticker charts or M&Ms-as-rewards (and one was pretty adamant that i needed to "get that kid trained!"). i didn't feel a need to waver from the route my son and i were taking, but it sure helped to read your words and think, "i'm not the only one going about it this way!" of course i meant to comment then and -- who knows what got in the way. but thank you. thank you much.

wishing you continued joy and peace as you soak up your son and daughter both ...


La Maman Heureuse said...

Bonzo was already cute and wonderful on his own, but with baby sis, he's even more precious. Oh, and that little Junebug of your, so sweet, she's one gorgeous baby. You're a very lucky mama, need to mail you soon ;-)!

sara said...

hi jennifer.
you're so sweet to write. seriously, this made my day - thank you so much.
you totally just inspired me to finish a barely-started post on the topic!

Jennifer said...

i'm thrilled to hear it made your day, sara. you certainly have brightened many of mine -- so huzzah for a li'l give + take.

keep on keepin' on, girl!

and, also, big ups for writing about what some consider sensitive stuff (parenting in general, particularly veering slightly from what's currently normative in the U.S.) in an awesome way -- you own and embrace your own way of going about things, and are open about it, and simultaneously you are SO clear and kind and nonjudgmental about different parenting styles.