Tuesday, July 31, 2012

potty progress

i've mentioned before that we're taking the no-approach approach with the potty. i haven't felt any desire to rush things along and have been quite happy to follow bonzo's lead and just let it all unfold as it's meant to: on his timeline.

i'm not into coaxing and rewards aren't our thing either. and i certainly don't want to put any pressure on him – however subtle or overt.

i've wanted to be extra sensitive around the whole issue, honestly. it's such a vulnerable time – and adding a new baby to the scene? forget it. i didn't want to throw anything extra at my guy.

but that's not to say we never talk about it. sure we do – i just follow his lead. he was excited to get his potty and thrilled to sit on it, inspect it and play around with it. then one day, he wanted to try it for reals. so he walked right up to it and went peeps. standing up! then he didn't show much interest again for some time. which was fine. then he got interested again and started using it again. then eeeeh, not so interested again.

but he's always been enthusiastic when he is into it. he would peeps in his potty, dump it into the toilet (without even spilling – thanks bud!) and flush, then wash his hands with soap and water. then come running to find me to report, pleased as punch.

recently he started showing interest in using the big toilet so we re-outfitted his bathroom to accommodate him and i'm so glad we did. we got a stool for going peeps in the toilet and a little seat for practicing sitting for poops. his little potty has since fallen by the wayside and he's using the toilet with regularity. it's rad. i'm so stoked for him and i love watching him take real pride in himself and i love knowing that he's finding his way on his own timetable, with his own intrinsic desire to do it.

and talk about pride – today he let me know he needed to use the potty. like, as in number two, people. and he scurried off, put the seat on the toilet, climbed on up and went. previously he has shown no interest in doing this. i've always told him that he can go on the potty when he's ready but if he's more comfortable, he can go in a diaper. and he's always chosen the latter.

so these days, at home, bonz is either "naked baby" or in underpants – another recent addition he's pretty excited about. and when he's gotta go, he goes. we've had an accident or two but, we clean up and move on. easy breezy.

we haven't branched out away from the house yet. he says he's most comfortable in a diaper when we're out and about and i don't feel any need to push it. we'll get there when we get there. and i know he'll let me know when he's ready.
oh those buns. i love 'em.


small + friendly said...

How awesome! And aren't they just so cute in their little undies? I can hardly stand it!

blake said...

Nice job, mama. Sounds like he's off to a super happy potty career. The pride, oh it's so sweet. Not to mention undie bunz ;) xoxo

kandice said...

he seems like such a smart guy! i don't know how parents potty train children that are much younger than him - i love that you can talk to him and he can talk to you, you know?

i spent a little portion of yesterday trying to acquaint natalie with the bathroom. i mean, to be honest (and despite all the internet research i've done on how "they" say to accomplish it), sean and i have no clue as to how to approach it in any other way than how we are. we basically kept the bathroom door open all day, let her run around naked the entire time, made up at potty song and blew potty bubbles (not as a reward - just good naked fun all day with potty themed bubbles blowing about) and me occasionally saying, "do you need to go PEE?" and we'd all run to the bathroom and flush the cool toilet and that'd be that. she didn't want to be in there for too long and she seems to prefer the big toilet over her little one so i don't think we'll be using it. pushing doesn't feel right, that's for sure. it's not just that but we wouldn't really know how to push. the only good thing that came out of yesterday was that she now knows (kind of) the point, what some words mean, has it in her mind that going to the bathroom is something other than soiling a diaper, and now i know her waste schedule a little better than i did before. haha

kids plan these things on their own time. i can't wait until i can actually talk with natalie though. that will be just... the best.

Amy said...

I love your approach, and am so glad to see how well it is working for you! My son is not yet 2, so we are in no rush, but we are using a similar no-pressure style. If I notice him needing to go, I ask him if he wants to sit on his potty, and he almost always says no. But that's okay. Your experience gives me hope that this way might just work, and that I don't need to give into any (internal) pressure to have a more regimented method!

Terri said...

I so admire you. Period.

maggieorganizingchaos said...

We took this approach with our (now almost 5yo). He didn't get out of cloth or any diaper until he was well into age 4. Then, on his terms, he started peeing in the potty, but still pooped in a diap for another month or so. Now, he is completely potty, but he still poops in the little boy pot unless we just age Thai (haha) and he cannot hold it til home. We got his potty and potty seat at 27 months - all that time - interest here and there - but finally when it came time he trained himself and did so in no time at all. No stress, no pressure. Best way to go!

mandyunruh said...

Great post! I'm on the no-plan plan as well. My 19 month-old wears his potty as a hat, and sits on the back and puts his feet in the bowl. Yea, we'll get there someday...

Jennifer said...

oh wow. i'm a bit teary-eyed. love your description of how this has been unfolding thus far, and how you and bonz seem almost equally as excited about what he's doing. and that HE has done this, on his own volition and timetable, is such a beautiful thing (in my eyes). (which are, yes, still, a bit teary.)

kudos to the whole fam! hurrah!