Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a sandbox for bonzo

i was thinking that bonzo needed a sandbox – what better gift for a big brother with a big birthday (3!) coming up?

chooch sketched out an idea, got lumber and went to work – have i mentioned how much i love him lately? he's so rad.

with the help of bonzo (obviously) and grandpa, the coolest sandbox in the west was constructed, filled and promptly played in.

it's on the side yard between the apricot tree and one of the plum trees – totally visible from the kitchen and front room and shaded to-boot. it's perfection in a box.

bonzo routinely goes out there and digs, scoops and plays to his heart's content. i love hearing him out there talking and singing to himself, in his own rad little world. and i love sitting out there with him in the shade and scooping a little sand myself.


paliszki said...

WOW! Great job! I'm impressed :)
Best wishes to your son!

Terri said...

Amazing sand box! Being the conscious mama you are, would you be willing to share what kind of sand you got? I've heard some sand isn't safe for kiddos...?

blake said...

It's PERFECT. That Chooch rocks. Jacky is already conspiring a way to get down there and help break it in :) That D, so lucky xoxo

alyson said...

gosh, he is just too cute for words. and awesome sandbox!!

La Maman Heureuse said...

Just when I think this boy can't get any cuter, you post these pics. The one with the headphones and little uggs, melting, big time :-) Looks like the best present ever :-) Hooray for Bonzo (and Chooch for making the sandbox)!