Tuesday, October 23, 2012

loving lately

i always love hearing about how other people – okay, moms – streamline and organize and what they're using and loving. so here's a little round-up of what's helping keep this boat afloat these days.


baggu zipper bags: i got a his and hers set of these to keep things organized in the diaper bag and i'm so stoked i did. extra clothes, diapers and all the other little must-haves that would otherwise be buried and hard to find are now tucked away neatly – and more importantly, accessibly.
little green pouch: i haven't ordered these yet but plan to. i'm not the biggest fan of eating on-the-run but i do buy the pouches bonz likes best from time to time because their convenience can't be beat. but i'm thinking these could be a nice addition to our snack repertoire. love the idea of filling them up with all sorts of yummy, healthy things.
honest wipes: hands down the best wipes ever. ever. the end.
planet box: so bonzo started a little preschool in september – more on that later, i hope. he goes from 9 'til noon-ish two days a week and i pack him a lunch. enter: planet box. now, as lunchboxes go, this one's a bit of an investment (we got the rover system which comes with a bag and ice-pack insert) but i can't even tell you how worth it this thing is. i open it in the morning, fill each space with yummies, close it and pack it. done. it's dishwasher safe, and so handy because it's all one piece – no separate containers and lids to keep track of. this thing rules.
under the nile washcloths: softest little washcloths for mushy's baths. they're great.
uppa baby vista: oh i love good, well thought out design. this stroller is awesome. i never really used a stroller for bonzo. i had/have our bob for our morning walks but other than that i carried him in a baby carrier and loved every second of it. things haven't changed much in that regard – though our morning walks look a bit different now – but baby sister's definitely getting more... um... practice in the stroller than bonz ever did. one of the dozens of reasons i love our stroller is that she can hang out in the bassinet and have lots of room to kick and move freely. she naps in it and i can count on always having a clean place to changer her diaper. then when she's a bit older i'll switch out the bassinet for the seat. i seriously love our stroller.
uppa baby piggyback: this is bonzo's big brother skateboard. it's perfection. it snaps on easily and he rides when he wants to ride but can hop off as he needs to, too. plus now that mushy's a little older, they can make each other squeal while we stroll. i love not pushing a double stroller while we're out and about but love that bonz can hitch a ride when we're in a parking lot, busy store or when he needs to save his energy for going bonkers in the backyard.
boon naked baby bathtub: such a simple pleasure, this tub is. it hangs up when it's not in use and is easy breezy to use when it's bath time.

so there you have it – some things that i'm loving lately.


Liz said...

I'm not a mom yet but I love reading these types of lists and seeing what people actually use!!

Mrs MacKenzie said...

I have the Uppa Baby Vista too. I love it! We did have to replace the tires a couple times though. Keep your warranty information handy!

Bridget said...

good list, my friend. i love baggu products. might have to add those zipper bags to the list. and the food pouches are for you to make your OWN??! i give parker the 'happy baby' occasionally (in a pinch while out, that sort of thing!) but how cool to do your own. and that lunch box.. might be the coolest ever.

Jen said...

Great choices! I am loving our Baggu bags for diaper bag and travel. Just put some bandaids in the tiny bag for the diaper bag this morning. Have you seen the Duck bag for a Mommy purse? Love the sailor stripes! I use that one for when I am sans baby (work 3 days a week) That lunch box looks great for the future preeschool days. sniff sniff. Love our Uppa Baby Vista too. It's been such a great stroller and I love that I can add on the board when we go for #2. My son foudn the bassinet in the closet a couple of months ago and climbed in and layed down. He didn't want to come out. I can't believe it almost looked too big for him less than 2 years ago!

blake said...

dangit, how did I miss this post? I LOVE these types of lists. Never heard of some, like the refillable goo squirters :) and we actually could use a better baby tub (Boon stuff rocks). I'm a big fan of Under the Nile -- I want some adult size stuff from them. Great tips lady friend! xoxo

elise said...

new[est] follower. loving this post and loving your blog!
can't wait to keep following along!

stop by sometime!