Friday, October 5, 2012

we call her sergeant mushy

not sure when or why but somewhere along the line we called baby sister sergeant mushy. you know, like sergeant murphy – but sergeant mushy. and wouldn't you know it – it's the name that stuck.

so now she's mushy. or just mush. (rhymes with tush, not rush.)

this girl found her fists and boy does she love 'em. they're center stage all day. when she stirs, before she even nears waking her fists are already making their way to her mouth. she loves them so much she often tries to combine her two favorite activities: eating her fists and having her nursies. i'm the only one of the two of us who doesn't think it's as fun to do both at once. one at a time, mush.

i look at her sweet face and i can't even believe she's ours. she's here. after all those months of wondering it's still sinking in – not only is she a she but i can't imagine her being anyone other than who she is. we hit the jackpot. oh we love her so much. who were we before she came? i hardly remember anymore...

enough's enough, huh mush?


Clio said...

so much squish!! I don’t know how you get anything else done!

bonnie forbragd said...

such sweet photos!!

Ahn said...

i feel the same about svea. never thought she would be a she. can't even imagine it any other way now.

blake said...

she is just too much, that mush :) soooooo presh.

beautiful pictures too, mama! xoxo

sara said...

thanks friend... helps to have such a cute subject, you know?!

Bridget said...

noooot all babies make me say, "ok, i want a second now" but she does.

Isobel Benesch said...

Love your words :) I feel the exact same way about holden. It's funny how you can't remember life without them in it.

I just came across your blog and love it! You have such an adorable family!!