Thursday, November 1, 2012

okay, it's officially fall

oh, hello november. how'd you get here so fast?

this is the time of year where i start believing that fall is actually here. it's usually in the 80s until halloween here so the weather doesn't really help convince me that the seasons have changed. and even though the forecast still shows 80ยบ temps for the next few days, it's hard to deny that it's fall when the calendar page gets flipped to november. it's just a slippery slope 'til the new year. hold on tight.

it was another homemade halloween this year – and baby's first! truth be told, halloween is probably my least favorite holiday. i mean, i like the sweet, wholesome aspects of it but i pretty much loathe the scary decorations, the churned out character costumes, the sugar frenzy. ick.

i'm secretly glad that bonzo hasn't become halloween-obsessed yet, too. he's pretty iffy about the whole concept and that's a-okay with me. i know it won't always be this way but i'm quite stoked to have another year with him happy not to go door-to-door and load up on candy. in fact, i'm thrilled that he has no interest in candy whatsoever. he's never had it and isn't even curious about it. ignorance is bliss – for me and him!

for the third year in a row, we had my mom, chooch's parents and two of our best friends and their two kiddos who are just about the same age as bonz and mushy over to have dinner, hang out and answer the door for the neighborhood trick-or-treaters.

bonz is equal parts intrigued and afraid of the kids coming to the door. he enjoyed from a distance. and since he was pretty uninterested in wearing a costume, i made him a costume that wore him.

some cardboard, an exacto-knife, hot glue and paint – and a little help from bonz – and voila.
and who better to be a – cashmere! – apple than our sweetest baby girl? this was the fastest turn-around knitting project i've ever done. i decided at the last minute that i wanted to (at least try to) bust it out in time for halloween. there was some serious knittin' going on over here for the last few days! i found a simple leaf pattern online, knit my favorite beanie and there we had it: red yarn, brown i-cord, leaf and...
... red delicious.

a few days ago, i'd pulled out bonzo's baby bear hoodie for mushy – she'll fit into it soon! bonzo pulled it out of the drawer yesterday and immediately wanted to get involved. explaining fit and sizing to a three year old? um, it falls on deaf ears. he was convinced it would fit if we could just give it a try. so we did and, truth be told, i was proven wrong. it did fit. according to bonzo, at least. so there we were, halloween morning, getting ready to zip over to whole foods, with bonzo in the teeniest, tiniest hoodie you ever did see and totally down to walk out the door and head on our way.
we got a few puzzled glances while we were out but he was pleased as punch in his skin-tight jacket.
much to choo choo's dismay, i decided not to buy enormous bags of fun-sized sugar bombs. so we tried something new this year. we're the house that handed out pretzels. still junk, if we're calling a spade a spade, but a little less junky than twix and kit-kats, right?

our first wave of patrons came and as i was filling little bags and jack-o-lantern buckets, choo choo saw one ten year old mouth to her gal pal with a touch of dismay, "it's pretzels." i didn't catch it but they politely said thank you and down the driveway they went, in search of what they really wanted.

then he told me what'd happened – it was the line of the night! it's pretzels.


blake said...

Ha! I love all this! Going to have to restrain myself from commenting on every good little nugget here... but I feel like I was right there with you last night! Glad there wasn't any egging :) Totally hear you on the candy bizness, the commercial costumes and all the skippable rest. J wasn't interested in trick or treating AGAIN, which is a-OK. We actually have some amazingly festive houses just around the corner, so maybe next year it'll feel right. Poor little guy was burned out after a 20-minute school parade. And on the apparel front... Miss A is beyond edible! I gasped outloud when I saw her mushiness in that SWEET hat. Totally rad creation for D, too. I'll have to show Jacky... who, I should point out for the too-small clothing dept, still tries to rock his eensy-weensy baby swim diaper whenever he finds it. Over his clothes. It's a look! :D

Terri said...

Great job no the apple hat and Bonzo's "costume." Perfect on both fronts :) Glad you got to celebrate with friends and family!

Bridget said...

"it's pretzels" with all the 'tude of an adolescent girl. i can see it now. so funny.

AND THAT APPLE. i love it.

Kristal said...

I feel the same! Where did October go?! Oh and I also can totally relate on the weather, it;s not fall for me yet! Love your blog and beautiful family. New follower.

Brittany LeSueur said...

That tractor is amazing! I just made my little guy a John Deere one. Yours is obviously better. I think our little boys could be best friends. - Now following!

Jen said...

Love your costume making skills!
Thank you so much for being the pretzel family! We took our little guy down the street to parade his costume since he was so excited to wear it. One family had a bowl of pretzels to give the little ones and I told them how thankful I was for that gesture. Our son has no idea what candy is and was just excited to smile and snort in his pig costume, but it was nice to be given something he could eat. I am sure other parents were thankful for you as well!
Your apple hat is adorable. You should sell those on if you have all this extra time on your hands. ;o)

Alicia said...

Your little apple hat is so sweet. I'd planned to make one in red but call it a tomato...
I'm going to assume that was "it's PRETZELS!!!!!!" We gave out some candy along with some handmade crayons this year. They were in the shape of robots and in little baggies. My husband kept saying "oh those are just crayons" when the little ones would pick them out, but for the most part they were thrilled to have them.
Maybe next year it'll be crayons and pretzels. If only we could do something that didn't have all that packaging.