Friday, January 4, 2013

squeaky clean

i've mentioned before that bonzo loves to wash his hands. he sure did – and he still does. the water, the soap, the bubbles, the rinsing. and talk about wash, rinse, repeat! once he gets started he'll wash those puppies a good four or five times without stepping off his stool.

but that's the kicker: once he gets started.

washing his hands went from a favorite pastime to something he wasn't even thinking about – let alone doing. and i'm down to let a few things slide when i can but the post-potty hand washing isn't negotiable.

so when the people at skip hop sent us some goods to check out, i saw something that might just reignite some interest in the hand washing department: the soapster foaming soap dispenser.

it's intended for the bath and you fill it with part water/part soap-of-your-choice and out comes foamy soap, right into the palm of your hand.

but after a time or two of using it in the bath (where it's also great!) i thought i'd try it by bonzo's sink for hand washin' time. so i suctioned it to the mirror at his sink (and let me tell you, its suction cups aren't wimpy) and let the good times – and clean hands – roll!

we're back in business with the clean hands – no reminders necessary! this time of year, hands can't be too clean, you know? and since you fill it up with water and your own soap to create the foam, your soap goes a lot further – which is nice when one trip to the sink yields a solid four washings!



Bridget said...

Mmmmm yeah I think the Hunt house is gonna need one of these babies.

Jen said...

Pretty cute! May have to install one of those come potty learning time. He's pretty into penguins right now so that's a bonus.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

That's pretty cool! My kids would love that!