Tuesday, January 8, 2013

twenty thirteen

i've never really been much of a list maker when it comes to resolutions – though i could make a list for just about any other thing i can think of. but lately i've been feeling like my head – and heart – is coming up with ideas and plans faster than i can keep up with. so i could call 'em resolutions. but really, they're my new year's intentions:

> consume less/organize more
i like quality over quantity. i'd rather have fewer, nice things than a lot of not-as-nice things. i like new things as much as the next girl but i want to consume less stuff – and be very, very thoughtful about the stuff that does come into my space – both mental and physical. this year i want to really want to put my money where my mouth is.  as in, i want a closet that's filled with only what i actually wear. i want things on shelves that i actually love and use. i want to open cabinets and closets and see order. basically, i want to rid myself and my home of stuff that's weighing me down.

> worry less/be present more
dude, if anyone can borrow trouble, it's me. a spark of  fret can ignite a wildfire of worry for me. health, safety, inevitability – you name it, i can sweat it. but nothing takes you out of the now like worrying. there's simply no way to live in the present while worrying about a future that doesn't even exist yet – or a past that never will again.

> wait less/take risks more
i feel like there's an ongoing list of things i don't do because i'm waiting for the time to be just right or i don't do simply because i think i can't for whatever reason. i won't try something because i don't think i'll be good enough of happy enough with the results (see above). i want to be better about just doing what i want to do without waiting for a magic window of time that may never present itself or worrying about the process and outcome and talking myself out of it before i even begin.

> prioritze less/play more
"okay, let me just finish folding the laundry, then we'll ____." ugh. listen, laundry has to get folded, dishes need to be washed, dinner needs to be cooked. but i want to make an effort to put fun before chores at least once a day, every day. to say yes to playing when my knee-jerk reaction is to go down my list of to-dos before we do. everything else can wait. it'll all still be there in fifteen minutes. also under this category: taking family adventures! i want to do something fun and out of the ordinary once a month – we have a few ideas in the hopper and i'm excited to branch out and do more fun stuff together.

> criticize myself less/accept – and love – myself more
it's still sinking in that i have a daughter and the responsibility that comes along with that is something i've been thinking so much about since she's arrived. though, of course the responsibility is of equal importance for bonzo, and i want to be the best example i can be for them both. i read an article recently that really made me stop and think about so much. i don't want my daughter – or son – to hear or see me criticize myself, or fret about my body or my appearance. talk about putting my money where my mouth is! this is one of those things i have said i'll improve upon but never quite make it happen. but it's never been a more pressing issue than it is to me now. i don't want to just go through the motions for mushy's sake – though, truth be told she is my priority – i want to actually do it for my sake which will make all the difference, i think, for her. i don't want to criticize myself in front of the mirror when i'm by myself then try to set an example for her when she's in my presence. i want to accept and love myself for myself – so she can do the same for herself.



kandice said...

yes. i'm with you, especially, on that last one. it's absolutely essential to get a handle on... though that's much easier said than done. it's something i think about daily but have yet to really... do anything about. thanks for the added inspiration!

Terri said...

What beautiful intentions. I have so many intentions this year. I think we can do it, don't you?! You are already a great example to so many, including Bonzo and Mushy :) Keep up the good work!

amyluna said...

This is a wonderful list! Hope you have a great year!

small + friendly said...

What a fabulous list! I've managed the last one, from the same motivation and something magic happens, one day you really do feel a whole lot better about your appearance ( which is gorgeous btw)! I am in desperate need of practice on those first two. My money is nowhere near my mouth :)

Shelby said...

Every single one of these intentions are perfect. These are pretty much the exact things I have been wanting to work on. Such a lovely post. Thank you.

Jen said...

Love your list! I've been full of similar intentions lately and for us, just rearranging our living space last night with some plans on how to actually complete the project made me feel more organized. I look forward to reading about your upcoming adeventures. Always inspiring.

janel holiday said...

I think your last post hits for those of us too that don't have kids, but have very special little people in our lives (ahem, like yours!)....it is so important to be positive role models as adults. I have also really tried to be careful to not gush and pour over the little ladies in my life by telling me how "pretty, gorgeous, etc." they are (although they are!!), but rather ask about the intellectual interests....what are they reading right now? what are their favorite sports at school? what art projects are they loving? too often i think our first reaction can be to compliment a little girl's outfit or tell her how pretty she is - especially if like me, you're not seeing the little ladies in your life on a regular basis. anyhow - that is what this girl is working on when I see all my little people.....!!

xx great list, BFF! janel


Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Great list! I hope you have a wonderful 2013!

danielle riebel said...

Hey Sara! New reader here :) I love this list, especially this one: criticize myself less/accept – and love – myself more. I have a daughter too- she's 14 months old now- and I think every day about the kind of example I want to set for her. I agree that it's important with boys as well, but they have their fathers as an example for self-esteem. With our girls, it's just us. And no matter how many times we tell them that they are beautiful and smart and perfect, they'll be paying much more attention to what we're saying about ourselves.