Friday, December 6, 2013

short hair don't care

after bonzo's last trim he casually said to me that night, "i want my hair to be short and stay short."
gulp. he's always had long locks. they're his jam.

it came up a few more times – always in passing – that he was wanting short hair. and as hard as it was, i scheduled the appointment knowing we were in for a drastic change.

it's his hair, it's his call; he is not his hair; it'll grow: all on mental-repeat for me.

i love that he had no reservations, no hesitations. to him, it wasn't a big deal at all. meanwhile i was trying to channel a little bit of his calm because, to me, it was a huge deal. it felt like a serious end-of-an-era, a big letting-go.

and i know. it's just a haircut but it felt like so much more to me –  big lesson in impermanence and non-attachment, really. deep stuff for a trip to the salon, right?

 photo IMG_3208_zps6eb351ae.jpg

 photo IMG_3407_zps7555edce.jpg

ps: his first haircut!


La Maman Heureuse said...

Saw these on your Instagram earlier this week and he just seems like an entire different boy. You can still spot his Bonzo essence, but it feels a bit more big boy now. But I loved him with his longer hair too! Can totally relate about letting these little ones go! It's sometimes in the tiniest details!

Love to see you blog a little more again, always wonderful to hear about you and your little family!

Happy Holidays!


Jen said...

He looks great! I had the same reservations when Becker asked for a haircut a week after he turned 2. It had taken him 2 years to actually grow any hair and he was getting frustrated with it in his eyes. After the trim he said, "Kenna cut Becker's hair, feel much better now." It was what he wanted. He's had one more trim since. It's so much harder on us Mommies than the kids!

Bridget said...

preach on, sister. you know i'd have been a basketcase. but, on the bright side: bonz rocks either look. what a cute boy.

(i love the throwback pic of him with the swaddle blanket draped over his shoulders.)

Terri said...

I can imagine what a big deal it was for you! He looks like a gem no matter what :) Good job, Mama, channeling his calm. Hey, isn't it cool what our kids teach us? Forever.

kukolina said...

I actually wanted to google a few times: when do you give your son his first haircut. But I never googled it in the end because I am afraid of "the answer". "One must cut his son's hair when the boy reaches... 11 months and 2 days".
I bow down to you. You were very brave!
I am glad I found your blog by the way!
xoxo, Eszter