Tuesday, December 17, 2013

signed sealed delivered

after plenty of misfires, i finally landed on a few shots of my two that, to me, are perfectly them – and so: perfect for the christmas card! another year, another order with minted, another one for the books!

 photo xmas2013_zps923ca0ad.jpg

 photo xmas20133_zps435e14f7.jpg

 photo xmas20132_zps619acd8d.jpg
the dirt smudge on his face here breaks my heart it's so cute.

 photo IMG_3967_zps0a77fe50.jpg
i'm sure you've encountered a minted card or two by now but their paper and printing quality totally rules. i got their kraft envelopes and addressed them with my favorite white inked pen, stuck on the coordinating skinny-wrap return address label, a holiday stamp and into the mailbox they went. oh it feels good to get them sent! it's such a huge exhale this time of year.

(ps: and if happy new years cards are more you vibe, you can save $25 off your first order by letting me refer you!)


Liz/happymommy said...

Adorable pictures!!!

Bridget said...

LOVED your card. and d looks like such a handsome gentleman in that last pic!!!

also, taking note of your fave white pen. the one i used this year left something to be desired fo sho. also, your handwriting is awesome. i showed steve, "look at this envelope!"

Jen said...

You are an amazing photographer! Bonz looks so much younger with the long hair now that I just read your Nutcracker post and saw that photo! Such adorable children!

Julie Kure said...

Your kids are just adorable :-) Happy holidays!