Wednesday, January 1, 2014

a brand new year

 photo pinholepresscalendar1_zps22e4fb81.jpg
every year we make a calendar for ourselves and for our families to start the new year with. it began the year bonzo was born, naturally – because, well: twelve straight months of his sweet, baby face!

we made the first, and therefore subsequent calendars via apple. clean, simple, full-bleed images – exactly what i wanted. but this year i wanted the option of using a square format image. and i wanted matte paper. so i decided to try pinhole press. they've been on my radar and to-try-list for a long while so i was excited... and i couldn't be happier with the outcome!

the paper quality is great, the printing quality is great and the overall look of it is... well... great.
and they make the best gifts – they're used and loved all year long!
 photo pinholepresscalendar2_zpsdf2c880d.jpg

 photo pinholepresscalendar3_zps0e173b81.jpg

 photo pinholepresscalendar5_zps46ea7fc3.jpg

 photo pinholepresscalendar6_zps20d5e29e.jpg
there's something very hopeful and inspiring about a new calendar – its fresh pages just waiting to be filled up. happy 2014, everyone!

(psst! i just noticed calendars are 20% off right now on their website! and this isn't a sponsored post, i'm just stoked on the product.)


small + friendly said...

We do the calendar thing every year too! I love it! I use it a little like a baby book as well, writing down little milestones and such, because I can't ever throw them out!

Jordan Rose said...

This calendar is adorable, the pictures look amazing. Well done. Happy New Year!

Jax0582 said...

you inspired me - i just ordered one and cant wait for it to arrive! i used them for the first time this year, my husband is overseas and i made one of the board books for my 2 year old with just pictures of the two of them. When it came I told him his daddy had made it and had it sent to us. He loves it and cant rip it : ) Thoroughly impressed with the quality and am eager for the calendar now - thanks for the idea!