Wednesday, March 19, 2014

findings and happenings

i've sort of neglected this space for the last couple weeks. so i think a little this-and-that post is in order to get back into the swing of things.

we had quite the rainstorm a couple weeks ago so naturally we built forts inside to get cozy and read in. like any self respecting fort builders, we used what we had on hand: a flat sheet, the furniture and some of the chooch's fancy shop clamps to get the job done but i can't deny that some new building supplies – like colorful fabrics and beautiful wooden clips – could really take things to the next level. or at least make it a little dreamier.
 photo IMG_7581_zps7436dd94.jpg

i recently upgraded my reusable water bottle situation and it pretty much revolutionized my day to day. i was using one that totally sucked (sorry, guys. but we loved your teethers!) for longer than i should have considering my disdain for it and the fact that it's something i use seven days a week.  anyways, these new ones are ruling my world right now. i started off with a small one but then added a big one to our repertoire so we're never without ice cold water. i know room temperature water is the best way to go but the fact remains that i – and subsequently bonzo and mushy – much prefer it arctic cold. and these deliver. our water stays ice cold all day long and the bottle itself doesn't sweat and get everything soaking wet. so i can check that off my list!

week before last all four of us (bonzo, chooch, mushy and me) went down to los angeles. we were asked by skip hop (!!!) to join them at a photo shoot for the launch of a new diaper bag. it was such a fun way to spend an afternoon – i'll have more on that soon!

and speaking of photo shoots, my friend samantha put together a piece for the spring issue of a local magazine and look who was with her – us!
 photo IMG_8042_zps98272c85.jpg

if you've got a pinterest account, chances are you've seen a pin or twenty and/or tried a batch of overnight oats. a post i read last week inspired me to finally gave it a go and am pretty sold on it for an easy breakfast for the warmer days ahead. also, i'd totally recommend keeping tabs on this mama. not only is she a local girl but her book, blog, instagram and pinterest (not to sound like a total stalker) are filled with great recipes and lots of beauty.

i'm always early for preschool pick-up, too. i loved every single word of this post. (another mama to keep close tabs on – she's a beauty inside and out, this one.)

i had a huge i-have-a-little-girl moment last week when the sandals i ordered for mushy arrived. squeal! hello, spring.
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WWGwyneth Do said...

Aw, thank you for the mention love! We need to plan to meet up for a lunch some day soon! xx

Bridget said...

love you guys in that magazine!!

sara said...

would love! xx

blake said...

aw friend, those are some great recent haps! awesome magazine thingy, awesome skip-hoppin' :) totally making a mental note to get on the sandals later this year when we depart from Soft Shoe Land (sigh). And, can I put in a vote for Nova's clips and cloths? We use them for all kinds of random play each day. Beautiful stuff! xo

blake said...

oh and I'm making that oatmeal tonight. do you eat it cold?? sounds like exactly the type of breakfast i've been searching for. (i.e., not toast AGAIN) xo