Monday, March 24, 2014

mushy lately

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oh mush, it's love.

this girl is 21 months old. twenty one! she's talking up a serious storm – she throws out new words left and right and surprises us all every day with what she's got. my current favorite is when she answers in the affirmative she'll say, "yeah! yep! i do! i do! i do, mama, i do!" in her squeaky little voice with her earnest little face and it breaks my heart into a million little pieces because it's so cute. but what takes it to another level is when it doesn't quite make sense in conversation. we were playing kitchen and she was pouring me my coffee ("coffee, mama, coffee!") and i said, "yup, here's my coffee" and she smiles ear to ear and says, "i do mama! i do!"

another favorite is how she asks for nursies. it sounds like "noi-shees" and i want to bottle it up and keep it forever.

and she's standing up for herself with bonz, too. she calls him dee dee (well, we all do) so i hear this around here a lot: "stop dee dee stop!" – often followed by shrieks and squawks. but i like to hang back and let them sort things out with each other and only step in if i really need to. often, i don't.

she's throwing three and four words together like nobody's business – little sentences, mushy! she's got so much to say and the look of satisfaction that washes over her when we know just what she's telling us is the best. lately she claps her hands and says "happy! happy!" when she knows we're down with what she's telling us.

last week we were at the meat counter at whole foods and she points to all the sausages in the case and points to them proclaiming, "poop, mama! poo poos!" and, i mean... that's pretty much exactly what they look like.

we broke into some of bonzo's old clothes and set a bunch aside for her to wear now or grow into. the jammies are her faves (see above). she'd do four to six changes of them a day if i gave it the green light. but she's just as happy (actually maybe even happier) to be naked. she'll ask piece-by-piece for her clothes to be removed, then her diaper, then shouts "nakies!" and claps.

and speaking of a naked baby – hopefully this isn't an overshare but she's a baby and it's cute: she's so interested in the potty. she hasn't used it yet but she likes to discuss it often. bonzo seems to be her primary inspiration because when she acts out going peeps, her stance is – minus one detail – exactly like a little boy's stance. so, you know, standing, not sitting, knees slightly bent, shoulders back, hands where they'd be if she were a boy. you get the drift. oh mushy, it's the cutest.

and she's got these new looks that she doles out from time to time – serious side-eye and this funny little furrowed brow that she does when she's just not sure about someone. oh i love how babies wear their hearts on their sleeves.

she's still super into shoes and still calls them "sheesh" though it's morphing more into "sheese" and i hope she keeps it that way forever.

i've mentioned before that bonzo loves to present me with found feathers from the couch pillows as little presents. mushy hates them. they scare her. she calls them "foo foos" and even hooty's fluffy bits (brows?) cause her a bit of distress, as do spider webs – in the form of shrugged shoulders and frantic breathing.

she's the sweetest little thing, this girl. she can get a little spicy from time to time but she's almost always going with the flow in a pretty happy way. and i adore her spicy or mild. she loves to give smooches and to be smooched – and hugged and cuddled. alright by me.

see what i mean? it's love.


blake said...

Oh Mush. Totally in love! I was reading this and cackling out loud (Toby: "what?!")… so much good Mushy stuff. As I call my own sweet 'n' spicy girl, what a peach. xoxo

Leandra said...

her face!!! and those sunnies!! beyond....