Tuesday, April 8, 2014

memory lane

i have so many photos of both my babies asleep. there's just something so peaceful and juicy about them when they're snoozing – almost every time i lay them down to nap, i take a few quick photos of them before tip-toeing out of the room. sometimes it feels like i just can't bear to walk away without doing something to capture the sweetness so i can keep it forever.

mushy, april 2104
 photo mushy14_zps798938e2.jpg

mushy, april 2013
 photo mushy13_zps33c53877.jpg

mushy (in my belly) and bonzo, april 2012
 photo mushyd12_zps0e3c54b4.jpg

bonzo, april 2011
 photo d11_zpsfb9eb656.jpg

bonzo, april 2010
 photo d10_zpsdf722c64.jpg


Emma Fox said...



Terri Schurz said...

So, so precious. Very cool that you have those memories captured in your heart AND on a camera!

Allyssa @ Lovely Allyssum said...

This is so cute! It's true--there's just something about sleeping babies that makes my heart melt.

Leandra said...

nothing like a sweet, sleepy baby!! love those two!

Jordan Rose said...

You're so lucky! I was just realizing the other day I have no pictures of Berlin sleeping (mainly because she is the lightest sleeper in the world and I'm afraid to wake her!). Well, I attempted a photo shoot the other day and didn't realize the volume to my phone was on, got a call mid picture taking and woke her up! So no more for me...

Bridget said...

same, same, saaaaame. sleeping baby pictures are some of my most treasured ones ever. those two are adorable.

Stefanie said...

my favorite post of yours. of all time.