Tuesday, June 17, 2014

look who's two

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today mushy is two. it's been two whole years since she came into our lives. funny that it's only been two years, though, because i can't seem to remember a time without her – at least very clearly.

on saturday we threw a little birthday party to celebrate our sweet little girl. and it was the best party ever if you don't mind me saying so.

we had her party at yellow bird music. if you live in santa barbara and have kids, chances are you know about it but if you don't, yellow bird music is an independently owned music studio for children. the space is adorable and the owner, alex, is too. we've known her for years and just love her so. she teaches parent-child music classes that are beyond sweet and fun – it's one of mushy's favorite things to do. if you've conversed with mushy any time recently, you've heard all about it. many times. so a few weeks ago when i was starting to think about how to celebrate mushy's birthday, my mom suggested we have a little gathering at yellow bird – bingo. i can't believe i didn't think of that myself. thanks, mom.

i wanted to keep the party small – just a handful of mushy's pals, some music, snacks, cupcakes and fun. alex was super accommodating and was more than happy to keep the flow of the music time really open, unstructured and child-led. so basically it was mushy's dream yellow bird music class. as it should be for the birthday girl, right?

we supplied our own decorations and snacks, yellow bird provided the location and entertainment. and i'm already wondering why we haven't had every birthday party here. it was a slam-dunk .
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i love a quick diy invite. paper source card stock and a printer. done!

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feathered friends adorned the cupcakes – one for each little guest to take home.

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 photo IMG_3744_zps664b3f90.jpg
individual snack bags for each friend – organic cheddar bunnies, a few pretzel sticks and an organic whole foods fruit leather.

 photo partyfavors_zpse8c32cb5.jpg
party favors. sticker books, coloring books. tweet tweet.

 photo IMG_3825_zps7cd55304.jpg
i made a little felt birthday crown for her and she was pleased as punch to wear it.

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bonzo really wanted in on the crown action too. i told him i'd adorn his with a number five next month when his birthday is actually here. my heart can barely take in the 2 – i just couldn't handle the 5 in addition.

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bonzo was in hog heaven. he had such a blast – and was so happy to help hand out cupcakes and, of course, help mushy open her gifts.

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it was a super fun day for a super sweet girl. you're two, mushy!

ps: bonzo's second birthday party! last year's festivities!


Bridget said...

this is sooooo cute. happy birthday mush!!!!!!!!

Liz/ said...

what a super cute party!!!! love all the details and the pictures of mushy are just the sweetest....those piggies!!!

emma summer said...

fantastic fonts on those invites! happy birthday to mush!

Crispin said...

Happy birthday baby girl!!! Looks like you had such a lovely and fun party! Nice job sissy!!!! Amazing.

janel holiday said...

i'll take a cupcake with a wee parakeet on it, please!!

supes cute - happy birthday to sweet mushy!

jessica said...

beautifully captured mama. xxoo

blake said...

so, so beautiful! I may have gasped a few times at my screen :) Happy Birthday sweet Mushy! xoxo

Ann Ehnert said...

so precious! happy birthday to your little one :)

BeachieMomma said...

Gorgeous!! I love the simplicity of this party, its perfection! Did you make the pink banner or buy it somewhere? Happy (belated) Birthday Mushy

sara said...

hi hi! thanks so much for the sweet words!! i made the banner... just cut up paper, punched holes and strung it thru twine... easy (and cute if i do say so myself!) xx

curiouscovetous said...

Ahhh!!! My heart is just swelling!! What a perfectly sweet party for a beautiful girl! And Charley Harper- well done Mom :D

Jax0582 said...

Cutest little birthday ever. So impressed with the invitations - would you mind sharing what program you used to make them before you printed. I would love to attempt to do this : )

sara said...

i just did it in photoshop but any program would do! just size it to your paper and you'll be good to go! xx