Friday, June 13, 2014

midnight conversations

 photo sink1_zps52ac02aa.jpg

this sweet girl. she's one breath away from turning two and is quite clearly in the midst of a massive vocabulary awakening. 

she's always been verbal. like her mama, once she started talking she hasn't stopped. but she went from putting three and four words together here and there to putting complete thoughts together regularly – and often. 

it's so rad how i can almost see her language unfolding before my very eyes. sure i'm hearing it unfold but to watch her as she's able to communicate what she wants to say – it's amazing. there's this look of satisfaction and relief that washes over her, like she's getting what she wants to say out and it feels so good. we're conversing on a whole new level and i can see how pleased she is with the results. of course it's just as gratifying for me as it is her.

and don't even get me started on the adorable shape of her sweet little mouth when she's saying her words in her mushy little way. suffice to say it's delicious. 

twice this week she woke up from about 9 o'clock at night until pushing 11 o'clock just happy as a clam and ready to talk about everything. anything and everything. it was the sweetest – albeit slightly exhausting – thing in the world. it was a rapid-fire, stream of consciousness discussion that just had to come out. like she just couldn't keep her thoughts in for one more second so she woke up, got them all out then was able to rest. two nights in a row. 

at the sixty-minute mark on night two i was starting to get a little worried that we were starting a new precedent, i'll be honest. but thankfully the subsequent nights haven't followed suit. though her curious, breathy little voice describing her every thought in the dark of our bedroom? some seriously happy memories. 


Liz/ said...

SO sweet! That mushy is just too cute!

janel holiday said...

Love the picture! And that girl! And her momma!

Perryvail said...

So adorable! Xoxo